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Matford Arable Product Range

View our range of products and services below. Contact Matford Arable if you require any assistance.

Crop Protection

Matford Arable Systems, being an independent company, are able to source Crop Protection products from numerous different sources. This means we are able to supply the correct products for our customers. We have access to some of the very best research and development trials conducted in the UK, which in turn gives our agronomists the information they need to be able to make educated decisions about product choice and rates for their customer’s crops.

Cereal Seeds

Nearly all our cereal seed is grown and processed by us to ensure that you have a choice of appropriate varieties for the southwest that are produced to the highest possible standard. Timely deliveries of the right varieties with the correct seed dressing are what we do well.

Maize Seeds

We offer an extremely large portfolio of maize varieties. With huge variations in on farm conditions for growing a maize crop we will have a variety that will suit your farm and the conditions you are likely to experience in the growing of the crop, whether you are on the most or least favourable of sites.


Grass seeds are a rapidly expanding part of our service. With the acquisition of PG Seeds, a well-repsected West Country grass seed producer, our grass seed business has been taken to another level. We are able to provide a full range of standard agricultural, amenity and equine mixstures as well as bespoke mixtures, which can be tailored precisely to your own individual requirements

Oil Seed Rape & Pulses

Whilst not a huge market in the southwest we able to access and supply a wide range of oilseed varieties including the newest varieties or the tried and tested ones. Advice is available on the correct choice of variety for your situation. We are able to arrange contracts where appropriate. In the current financial climate some oilseed crops can be made to look very attractive to grow, but care should be taken as often the projected yields are over-egged and in reality a gross margin may be more difficult to achieve in practice than on paper.

We are able to offer a complete range of pea and bean varieties suitable for South West growers.

Roots, Cover Crops & Environmental

We are able to offer a wide range of Brassica and other small seeds for both animal fodder crops and cover and environmental crops. The changes to the CAP have put cover and catch crops back on the farming agenda with both qualifying growers for Environmental Focus Area (EFA) under the new Basic Payment Scheme

Mobile Seed Processing

With over twenty years of experience in this sector we offer a first class service to all farmers who wish to clean and dress their own seed. Our machine is small enough to be able to access most farms where some larger units are unable to go. Our staff are well trained and consistently dress seed with the correct loading of dressing. The importance of this cannot be understated when it comes to getting the optimum performance from the dressing, in a field situation.

Agricultural Lime & Fertiliser

Agricultural lime is a key input to most crops that is often overlooked. The lack of lime and the ensuing poor soil pH is often a primary cause of poor crop performance. We offer a full soil testing service to identify lime and other key soil nutrient deficiencies. Once a problem is identified you are assured of the correct advice to remedy any deficiencies that require attention. A full lime supply and spreading service is an area that we specialise in.

Testing & Analysis

With the financial climate as it is in agriculture at present, it has never been more important to ensure that inputs are applied to crops at the correct level.

We offer a full soil testing service with analysis ranging from a basic pH test through to a full Broad Spectrum soil analysis for all major and minor nutrients required for healthy crop growth.

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